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Kenji Shimada, President, Enterprise Business System SolutionsKenji Shimada, President
The manufacturing industry is experiencing several changes due to increasing customer and competitive demands. To respond to such dynamic business environments and support their core operations and systems, business models need to be revamped to accommodate innovative technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation. However, many companies lack the required resources and expertise to carry out the transformation and overcome business innovation hurdles. Utilizing best practices and expert consultants, Enterprise Business System Solutions (EBSS) helps clients to improve business processes and IT systems based on years of experience from implementing enterprise systems. “We provide seamless support from the planning phase (business planning and analysis) to the cutover phase (information technology implementation and project management support) to review the improvement in the operational phase,” explains Kenji Shimada, president, EBSS.

Since it was established in 2001, EBSS has installed core solutions based on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) in more than 100 companies in the fields of digital media equipment, energy power solutions, electronic devices, automotive components, and the food and beverage industry. “We provide Oracle Applications consultancy and implementation with hi-tech manufacturer know-how based on a client’s IT strategy,” states Shimada. EBSS enhances clients’ existing IT systems and also supports the transition of infrastructure and software to the cloud. EBSS provides end-to-end services, assisting clients from planning to execution and budgeting. From project management, functional and technical consultation, technical architecture, database administration, and system customization, EBSS leverages Oracle Unified Method along with Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) standards for project management. “We customize the setup and extension of functionalities to fulfill a client’s business needs,” adds Ken T.L.Kho, director of EBSS for ASEAN region.
Ken T.L. Kho, Director for ASEAN Region
Due to suboptimal business strategies, companies are facing issues related to improving income opportunities, cost, and reliability. “We visualize the operation processes and direct data to figure out the hidden elements affecting business operations and provide support for analysis on re-engineering processes to identify the root cause and subsequently ways to reduce costs,” remarks Kho. Another major challenge is process standardization, which is a countermeasure for the trend of decreasing workforce. EBSS segregates business processes on standardization for system of record (SoR) and system of engagement (SoE) solutions to help clients optimize in-house resources for operations.

To highlight EBSS’ expert consulting services, Kho cites an instance with a client that was undertaking a project involving multiple manufacturing sites in Philippines. The client was facing issues regarding supply chain operations and in order to fulfill the demands from the headquarters in Japan, the production planning team decided to negotiate the delivery date with the supplier according to the results of material resource planning. Data from several sites needed to be collected for supply chain planning, and the exact available-to-promise (ATP) could not be determined. EBSS analyzed the client’s operations and utilized a new version for the supply chain management solution’s system feature for process re-engineering and data linkage to speed up the processes, and helped roll out supply chain operations in less than a week. This also helped the client improves their flexibility for change in demands while also increasing the “on-time delivery rate.”

EBSS follows the spirit of “Monozukuri” to provide IT and application solutions to extend the functionalities of core IT systems and fulfill clients’ business needs. Moving forward, the company is expanding its reaches in the U.S. and South East Asia in marketing, presales, and delivery activities. “We aim to further develop our services with our project management style and serve as a strong business partner to our increasing global clientele,” concludes Kho.
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Enterprise Business System Solutions

Tokyo, Japan

Kenji Shimada, President and Ken T.L. Kho, Director for ASEAN Region

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Enterprise Business System Solutions Corporation (EBSS) is a Business & IT consulting company and a TOSHIBA affiliate. Seasoned expertise in the areas of Business Strategy, Operation Analysis & Improvement, IT Planning, Information Security Management, Project Management, IT/ERP Implementation, and Application Maintenance. In-depth knowledge and experiences, especially in Global Projects for a variety of Manufacturing Industries. The companies is an expert in Business Strategy, Operation Analysis & Improvement, IT Planning, Project Management, ERP Implementation, Oracle E-business Suite, Oracle ERP Cloud, Information Security Management