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Zef Peralta, COO, SunFish DataOn Philippines, SunFishZef Peralta, COO, SunFish DataOn Philippines
Revisiting the past ten years, Business and Technology has been shifting and reshuffling to better cater for the future. Some of the technologies have improved a lot, some have remained the same as they reach their steady-stable state, and some are combining the best breeds and practices. We are seeing more digital breakthroughs and transformations throughout the different business industries as humans, processes and technology adapt to an ever changing cycle of need. These needs are motivated with different drivers of change such as Social, Health-Medical and Environment. Knowledge on these drivers would be able to help us predict key changes in Business and Technology, which will help our business to focus more on these areas for a quality and dependable product.

Some of the key areas of predictions that we see further advancement will be happening are in the following areas.

Businesses will be moving ahead having Supply Chain to continue its backbone supremacy with a more highly available service to cater for even the smallest businesses.

Human Capital will be focusing more making life easy and simpler. While, Workforce will boost to achieve a higher productivity and efficiency for the company.

On these areas, there will be greater improvements in:

1. Self-Service
2. Contactless Activity
3. Increased Engagement

Supporting the business with their share of space are these, more than a decade long technologies which are continuously enhanced and delivered to businesses thru “As-A Service” offering making it widely available. Though, it will still be the big companies who will gain more of these while SMBs will get bits and pieces for the different areas focusing on growth and development.

The top trend makers we’re seeing on different aspects and scales of Technological change and advancement are in the following areas.

Some of the worth noting areas where most of these technologies will be used are in,

1. Highly Available Technologies (Smart Phones, Smart Gadgets, Smart Homes)

2. Hybrid 4G and 5G Technology

3. Security and Antifraud

4. Online Document Storage & Digital Electronic Signature

5. Collaboration and Communication
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