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Top 10 HR Tech Consulting/Service Companies in APAC - 2020

Welcome to a brave new world of Human Resource. Things will look a bit different here. No longer will you deal with an HR professional to handle your HR needs. The online portal will take care of it. Need to change your address? How about some online training? Want to check on your latest performance review? The portal is here to help. The foregoing is not fiction but rather describes modern HR practice in many organizations as the field is changing, rapidly and profoundly.

Today, a large number of HR managers are seeking help from consulting firms that leverage disruptive technologies such as real-time talent analytics, big data, cloud computing, AI, and more, to streamline HR management functions spanning the complete employee life cycle. These functions include hiring and onboarding, personnel and benefits administration, compensation, payroll, compliance, performance management, succession planning, and career development. We proudly feature companies such as KAKEAI, Sun Life, eBay, Domain Group and many more, who have been at the forefront of revolutionizing the space through their boutique consulting services. By providing the best consulting services and several success stories to their credit, these HR Consulting/Service Companies are consistently proving their worth in the HR realm. We hope this issue of HR Tech Outlook helps you build the right partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technology-driven HR environment. To help HRs navigate the HR consulting universe, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, CHROs, and analysts including HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has selected the top HR consulting services companies. The companies featured provide an outlook on how their services help in alleviating the burgeoning HR challenges.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 HR Tech Consulting/Service Companies 2020.”

    Top HR Tech Consulting/Service Companies in APAC

  • An organization committed to improving the interaction between middle managers and the workforce with its ingenious AI Cloud System. KAKEAI’s cloud-based AI solution gathers individual managers’ knowledge of engaging with their members. Then, it makes the data available to other managers using specific datasets, algorithms, and products to disseminate the best AI-driven suggestions. This helps managers formulate recommendations on how they should individually interact with their staff. Additionally, KAKEAI offers five different and unique data sets (types of managers and members, context or circumstances, interaction quality, and outcome of the said interaction) to eliminate the genus in management

  • 361 Degree Consultancy

    361 Degree Consultancy

    Team 361 started as a sole proprietorship in 2008 in a tiny windowless office. The company has grown to a size of more than 60 team members with offices in Singapore and Malaysia. With highly committed qualified personnel, Team 361 place customers' interest in priority and offer only high-quality services for software consultancy, corporate services (eg. accounting, tax & etc) and grant advisory to SME. As implied in the name, consultants in Team 361 not only completing a job (depicted by a full circle which is 360 Degree) but ensuring additional services are provided to further value-add to clients (which explains 1 Degree extra). Being a leading cloud integrator in South East Asia, team 361 is a certified partner for more than 20 different cloud solutions and we take initiatives to implement, integrate and support our customers on a single platform

  • BIPO


    A leading one-stop, global Human Resource service provider, BIPO helps companies scale-up their HR operations with ease. The award-winning cloud and mobile-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) platform simplifies complicated HR processes. BIPO understands companies need to stay agile, efficient, and cost-effective. That’s why they’ve designed a comprehensive suite of HR solutions (Payroll Outsourcing, Attendance Automation, HR Consulting, Recruitment & Business Process Outsourcing, Flexible Employee Management), to help digitise and transform HR. Since 2004, BIPO has been helping companies transform their HR operations. Its APAC Headquarters in Singapore and R&D Centres in Singapore, Shanghai, Indonesia and Malaysia serve as its hub for the region

  • Catalyst Talent Strategy Consulting

    Catalyst Talent Strategy Consulting

    Catalyst Talent Strategy Consulting is specialized in providing Human Resources Consultancy, Headhunting and Business Process Outsourcing services. They are a group of consultants who are experienced professionals in their areas of expertise. At Catalyst Talent Strategy Consulting, the organization partners with other companies to review, design and implement innovative Human Resources management strategies. The corporate experiences of its consultants give them the ability to help its clients formulate pragmatic and workable solutions customized to their business objectives

  • HR Path

    HR Path

    HR Path, a global human resource leader, which offers comprehensive services ranging from strategic thinking to the deployment of integrated tools in the field of human resource. From strategic thinking to the deployment of software integrated, it offer complete solutions within the field of Human Resources. Professionalism, Sharing, Conviviality and Responsiveness, these terms describes the company's values. These are the things that allow HR Path today to be part of the companies where work rhymes with well-being. Since its creation in 2001, the Group has become a key player in the world of human resources. The mission of the HR Path corporate foundation is to support actions and projects in France and abroad in areas of intervention dear to the HR Path Group

  • KSA Tech Consulting

    KSA Tech Consulting

    KSA Tech is an Australia based software organization specializing in OneBusiness a cloud ERP product. OneBusiness is its off the shelf cloud ERP product available on AWS cloud. Also, the company provides an on-premise version of the product to small and medium scale businesses. OneBusiness by KSA Tech was designed to provide the solutions today that will facilitate your business growth tomorrow. The improved efficiency provided by this flexible, modular system lays out business operations right on dashboard, making it easy to standardize, collaborate, plan, report, and scale while streamlining your various processes and saving you time and money. The value in One Business ERP is in its complete visibility. This dynamic system gives you and your senior management instant access to every department, every process, and all data



    OTOPASS' HR consultants are equipped with 15 years of experience in providing Human Resource solutions in various industries as well as working as a team to optimize HR processes. The company houses a young and passionate team who solves conventional Human Resource issues with current latest technology in most easiest and effective way, equipped with 15 years experience in providing Human Resource solutions in various industries

  • Sterling RISQ

    Sterling RISQ

    Sterling RISQ empowers organisations to make smarter, faster, and safer hiring decisions. We provide the most comprehensive and accurate background screening and monitoring for the evolving global workforce. Our 25,000+ clients trust us to create safer work environments and experiences. With 20 offices in nine countries and growing, Sterling conducts more than 100 million searches annually. As the leader in global background checks and identity services, Sterling RISQ has perfected everything that a business needs to hire fast with confidence. They see the big picture, with a vision to make the world a safer place – in the workplace, hospitals, on the road, and in schools to name a few. Advanced technology, accuracy, and industry-leading turnaround time is not something that Sterling strives for – it’s the company's norm

  • With BPO

    With BPO

    With BPO's integrated administrative supports extend to areas that include accounting and financial reporting, tax, treasury, incorporation, Visa and work permit, local compliance and business advisory. With BPO helps companies expand and invest seamlessly into Korea. Its integrated administrative supports extend to areas that include accounting and financial reporting, tax, treasury, incorporation, Visa and work permit, local compliance and business advisory. They help companies of all sizes, industries and phases. Being one of the leading local professional service firms in Korea, With BPO can manage corporate tax compliance, ensuring the reporting is complete, all deadlines are met and that clients have full control and transparency of the whole process

  • Zippia


    Zippia uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to collect data on job opportunities and helps you find and pursue the job that's right for you. The company reckons every person should have access to the best information available to evaluate and choose a job. Zippia puts extra effort into helping job seekers start their search on the right foot. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for a job as an Economics Major or an English Major, an employee looking to see what other jobs might be available. Besides, Zippia has gathered experts in the fields of technology, marketing, and engineering who were passionate about improving career outcomes for everyone, believing that everyone should be able to make career decisions with their eyes wide open